How To Free Motion Quilt A Simple Feather

Free Motion Quilt A Simple Feather 5 Minutes Tutorial

Use free motion quilting for feathers. You will need to drop the ‘feed’, also known as the ‘feed dog’. Then attach the free motion quilting foot, also known as a darning foot.

free motion quilting a feather open toe foot

My favorite thread for free motion quilting are 40 weight polyester threads like Glide, Isacord, Superior Thread’s trilobal poly. Smooth, pretty, lint-free and strong.

40 wt. poly is my go to thread. I use it for everything. Hemmingworth 40 wt. poly select is one of my new favorites. Its so smooth and extremely silky that it actually makes my machine run smoother. The thread leaves no lint or fuzz, strong, and the colors are very shimmery and brilliant.

Around $5.95 for 1000M on Amazon. Some people say its too slippery and tends to unravels towards the middle of spool, but I just put on a thread net over the spool and that corrects it.

Free motion quilting feathers are used to add texture to quilts, cushions, and even a quilted tote bag.

Watch this video. It’s quite easy to do after a few practice runs.

Image:Youtube Amy Johnson

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