A Pretty Snap Bag To Make And Use

Each Bag Turns Out Different With Your Fabric Choices

These handy snap bags are easy to sew, and you can make with the prettiest purse choosing your own combination of fabric. It’s snaps tightly shut so you could even keep a small button collection secure. Match colors to a travel tote, make a cute coin purse, or gift the bag with one or two cosmetics.


The snap shut is the feature of this purse using just 2 short lengths cut from an inexpensive metal tape measure, or from a used one that is ready to be thrown out.

pretty snap purse

There are so many creative ways to add embellishments or anything suitable for the intended use. Sewing themed fabric would make a delightful button bag for sewing projects on the go. Use vintage linens or scrap fabric, colorful prints for cosmetics, or simply any combination that you love. The addition of a layer of batting provides a quilting opportunity for a little extra charm.

quilted snap purse vintage fabric

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The tape measure inside snaps itself straight, which closes the bag, tabs on each side to pull it open. The tabs are made from a square of fabric folded twice to create a triangle, one for each side. However, you could also make 3 smaller prairie points in a row for the pull tabs, for a different effect. For the front, stitch in a miniature quilt block!

snap purse with quilt blocks

Cindy Cloward from Riley Blake Designs shows a super easy way to stitch up your own snap bag. Fabric sizes and materials are shown on the screen at the end of the video, for the Candy bag, as well as a custom size bag, which you can write down. You can come back to this video any time to follow step by step instructions.

There is also a free tutorial available, put together by Dana from Deedle and Thread.


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