Just A Couple Of Jelly Roll Strips For This Lovely Woven Basket

Easy Fabric Basket For Anything Around The Home.

Woven textures are always fun as each one creates its own design. Just add jelly roll strips! The basket is made up of  2 1/2″ strips and was designed with Jelly roll strips in mind although any fabric can be used. The woven sides are fun to put together and there is lots of opportunity for adding decorative quilting or interesting colour combinations.



Use coriander and wheat print for a kitchen basket, line with plastic and fill with 3 pots of your favorite herbs. Then make one for friend! Make something new and fresh for the patio table and put in potted flowers or a lush green pot plant. Woven baskets offer a stylish twist on organization. The basket can be made with or without a handle, using big white sunflower print on a yellow background for a handy mini basket in the laundry.

jelly roll woven basket pattern

There’s the most adorable sewing room print to make up a row of these baskets for rolls of vintage lace, a collection of appliques, and trinkets.  Sewing accessories always look nice on display generating peeks of interest by anyone who enters! Adding handles always look a little ‘arty’.

These trendy baskets are 6″ high and 8″ in diameter. The pattern is beginner easy and includes instructions for a handle.

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