A Stairs Basket To Save You Trips Up and Down

 “One Trip Up” Fabric Basket Is So Handy.

Stairs are clutter-free with this pretty and functional “One Trip Up’ stair basket. Make this handy fabric basket to grab as you go up the stairs. This basket would make a nice gift for a new mom. Fill with baby needs, and later the basket will come in really handy tidying up after a toddler.


Stitch up one of these if you have a sweet yorkie puppy like ours. She’s 9 weeks old and loves her toys. She carries them around the house and then abandons them half way up the stairs. At the end of the day the toys are thrown into the handy basket for a quick tidy up, ready to be tipped out again for puppy to play with the next morning! Great for moms with little ones too.

stairs basket fabric

Using ultra firm plastic canvas makes the basket nice and sturdy. Bright and colorful prints make a fun toy basket, and cat or sweet puppy prints for your pet. A great space saver in the sewing room as two filing trays fit perfect underneath. There is a roomy interior, optional outer pockets for even more storage. The basket accommodates stairs heights of up to 8 1/2″ and 7 1/4″ deep. The finished basket measures 15.5″ x 14.5.

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