Disappearing Four Patch Block With Elephants And Polka Dots

Disappearing Four Patch Block Using Animal Print Charm Packs.

All of the blocks in this delightful baby quilt were made using animal print charm packs and put together into a disappearing four patch block. The charm packs used were the Bungle Jungle by Tim and Beck for Moda and a white background fabric. Animal prints are always too cute for baby quilts.

animal print charm packs Bungle Jungle

This disappearing four patch block is a little unusual. They’re just adorable!

animal print charm packs quilt block

Start out by making a four patch, using four 5 inch pieces of fabric, two white and two print. Press. Cut the block as shown.

animal print charm packs for baby quilt

Then swap pieces A with B, and C with D.  Rotate piece E counterclockwise once.
charm pack animal print

Stitch and press.
stitch blockAnimal print block complete!
charm pack animal print block complete

Article Source:marelize-ries.blogspot.com.au

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