Apple Creek Apple Quilt Change Up To Pumpkins For The New Season

Apple Creek Quilt For Spring Easy To Change For Any Season

Adorable stellar quilt with apples in the centre can so easily changed to pumpkins. The quilt was named after Apple Creek where the Apple Creek church do missionery work on the native American  reservation. The quilt was designed and made as a gift. The Ohio Star quilt with an apple is something specific and representative of the church. Hence this adorable quilt was born. The apples are so fresh, and can easily be changed to pumpkins for Harvest. However changing to any fruit, flower or print this quilt would be just as appealing for any time of year.


The Apple quilt was made in mixed fabric colors and a coral backing was used. Change to Fall fabric and use the cutest little pumpkins.



Reduce the number of blocks and make a lap quilt. While not included in the pattern, with a little experience it should be easy to adjust the size. In this lap quilt only the Ohio Stars were used with the apple in the middle. The chains were not used in the quilt. Looks great with white backing and beautifully quilted.


Mix and match prints for the Stars making this a great stash buster. No border, just binding. This cute little apple quilt is just as adorable. The quilt uses 13 fat eighths, plus a bit of yardage and finishes at 75″ square. It is all pieced traditionally, no paper piecing at all. The pattern is handmade and available for purchase.




This pattern is available for purchase.


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