Artisan Batiks Seasons For The Perfect Autumn Fold’n Stitch Leaf Topper

Up Your Game And Use Artisan Batiks Seasons For Your Autumn Table Toppers

Experience the glorious colors of autumn everytime you look at this delightful Fold’n Stitch leaf topper on your table. For rich autumn hues why not use Artisan Batiks Seasons, or similarly Robert Kauffman’s Cornucopia. Rich autumn tones bring the autumn leaves to life. They look exactly like the autumn leaves in the park.

For the under side of this topper, a scrappy piece of  Hoffman’s Dot Batik from the Topaz bundle is perfect!


Artisan Batiks are handmade one of a kind prints. That means each quilting project is unique because no two prints are exactly the same. The fabric is hand-stamped and then hand-painted multiple times. Due to this specialized hand-process, there is a consistency to color and pattern, while maintaining subtle color variations. Artisan Batiks ‘Seasons’ is perfect for radiating autumn season hues for almost


These exquisite sumptuous fabrics truly enhance the ambience of autumn, perfect for this Fold’n Stitch topper which will be used every year again and again. There is no topper the same using Batiks.

Hoffman Dot Batik Topaz a perfect contrast for the upturned leaves.




The Fold’n Stitch Leaf Topper Pattern is available for purchase.

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