2 Minute Technique To Basting A Quilt

2 Minute Tips For Basting A Quilt.

Basting a quilt can be done using safety pins, quilting pins or a basting spray. Lay your backing down, then the batting. Lay the quilt top on top, right side up. Then start to pin in place using safety pins. You’ll need to use quite a lot of safety pins since you’ll be pinning almost all of the blocks.

Quilting pins have a little bit of a bend in them, which just makes it a little easier to get in and out. To baste your quilt using pins,you’re going to start in the center of the quilt, pull down, and pin. Once again, you’re going to move in an outward motion, smoothing as you go.

If you have a large quilt, work on the floor. Put down your backing fabric, use tape to secure the fabric. If your’re working on a carpet, which is not the best choice, but if that’s what you’re using, then pin the backing to the carpet. Either way it needs to be quite firm, almost taut, but without stretching or distorting the fabric.

Spray basting is a lot faster, but a little more expensive. The can sells for around $15 and you go through the can quite quickly. To baste your quilt using a basting spray, lay the backing fabric down and secure as mentioned. Spray the backing spray directly onto half of the backing fabric. Then lay the batting on top. You’re going to smooth it down,working from the center outwards. Smooth it out, getting rid of all the wrinkles. Repeat with the other half.

Finally, give the batting a good spray. Lay the quilt top in place and work at it, smoothing the fabric out as you lay it over the batting. Smoothing, smoothing, no bubbling. If you see a crease, simply lift it up, pull it smooth and lay it down again. Continually smoothing out towards the end, and outward towards the corners.

basting a quilt using a baste spray

Here’s a quick video on basting a quilt using safety pins.

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