Botanical Garden For The Easiest Scrap Quilt

Use Your Favorite Floral Prints For This Easy Scrap Quilt

This Botannical Garden scrap quilt made up in 16 patch blocks gleams with rich color. The pattern is based on the St. Louis 16 patch. All you need is a heap of fabric scraps in florals. Choose the ones you love most and sort them for easy picking. Brighten a dreary room through the winter months with these beautiful botanicals. Although the colors in this quilt is great for any season all year round.




Sew With Sass

The block is also known as the St. Louis 16 patch. To make a 8″ x 8″ finished size 16 patch block, you will need a pair of 2.5″ x 21″ strips. The success of your quilt block will depend on the accuracy of your cutting, your piecing and your 1/4″ seam. Choose the fabric strips you want to use for the first block. Fabric right sides together and using a 1/4″ seam, sew two strips together. Press seams to the side, Then, cut the strips in half to make 2 x 10.5″ strips. Sew together with fabric righ sides together. Press seams to the side. Press all seams in the same direction. Then cut this strip unit into four 2.5″ wide strips. Turn fabric strips right side up and arrange as you please. Now sew these columns together to make the block. That’s it.



The individual squares finish at 2 inch square, and the block of 16 patches is 8″ square. That’s the basic idea. The amount of blocks you make depend on the size quilt. Probably around about 20 blocks for a nice size quilt. Then layer and quilt as you wish. There’s no call for a border, just bind and done.

This scrap quilt quilt sews together really quick with very little fabric waste. Perfect for jelly rolls.

Botanicals are so pretty for a quilt.


There is pattern available for purchase for this quilt. The pattern shows the easiest possible method. Lots of good photos and helpful hints that you will use in future quilt projects too.


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