Save Heaps Learn Lots With Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts

Sherbert Lemon A Two From One Jelly Roll Quilt.

Make this easy Sherbert Lemon quilt from just half a jelly roll, or you can cut your own strips from your fabric stash. The design is simple and can be made striking by using strong contrasts as shown in the featured quilt. The mix and match colors from a jelly roll are the easy way out since the pre-selected colors are always right together, and pre cuts make the process quicker. However, since the design requires only 20 x 2 1/2″, it should be easy to find a mix from leftover fabrics too.



Make a range of cot quilts, play-mats and wall hangings for your loved ones using the two quilts from one jelly roll idea. You can easily change the size by referring to the instruction section of the pattern to make a larger quilt, and with a few small calculations, make any size quilt you want.

2 from 1 jelly roll quilt

Two designs from the same strip roll can be made to look totally different both in design and color. Two quilts from one jelly roll saves heaps with minimal fabric waste, plus the time saved using fabric that already works well together, and there is not a lot of cutting to do on your part. Take one jelly roll, split it into two batches of 20 strips, add background fabric, and make two not-quite-related quilts. Each quilt is made from half a jelly roll, with a bit more fabric required for backgrounds or borders.

jelly roll quilt Pam Lintott

Kathryn used the pattern Lemon Sherbert taken from Pam and Nicky Lintotts book “Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts”.  The book provides patterns and techniques for making a couple of different quilts from the same rolls. For example, the “Playmates” pattern creates a quilt that’s 43″ x 58″, using 20 strips, 1.5 yards of fabric for sashing and border, and 16″ of fabric for binding. Its companion, “Fairy Steps” is 47″x54″ and uses 1.5 yards for sashing, borders, and binding. Using the “Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts” patterns you can make 18 designs, each using only half a jelly roll, or choose your favorite pattern and cut 20 strips from your favorite fabric. Perfect for left over jelly roll strips to. Or spend less and purchase half rolls.

Kathryn’s quilt taken from the book “Two from One Jelly Roll Quilts” is called “Sherbert Lemon”. A beautiful result for a novice quilter.

jelly roll quilt using half rolls

The authors explain which fabrics to pull from your jelly roll to make the design work. You can expand this information and use fabrics from your stash and you can also make more squares to make larger quilts. You will just need more jelly rolls (or other fabric). If you collect jelly rolls, it is a good book for making a couple of different quilts from the same rolls. The quilt on the right is ‘Lemon Sherbert” in softer colors.

Pam Lintotts two from jelly roll patterns

Pam and Nicky Lintotts “Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts” from way back in 2010, is based on all the quilts made from from just half a Jelly Roll. Each Jelly Roll makes two different quilt designs resulting in 18 different designs. The book also has a vital statistics section which contains all of the required information and a few small calculations to make any size quilt you want.


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