Charm Square Rejects For Anitas Arrowhead

Even Using The Ugliest Charm Square Rejects, Anitas Arrowhead Looks Amazing.

Sew up a quilt with a new and modern approach. This Arrowhead is a scene stealer and there are a myriad of sizes to customize your quilt. For busy and cute little blocks use two 5″ charm squares, even the ugliest charms left over from a trick or treat basket quilt!


This is such a versatile block, there are seven sizes to customize. Two charm squares will render two 4.5″ blocks, and there is even a smaller one. Size right up to 12.5″ square, with a range of sizes in between. The pattern in the image uses 8 1/2″ finished blocks, made from 21 fat quarters. Find a mix of prints and tone-on-tones, you’re sure to have in your stash.

Arrowhead quilt with adjustable size blocks


Use Anita’s unique construction method where each block is made from two fabric squares with just three cuts. If you have two ‘ugly’ charms have a practice of the 4 1/2″ block. Get the free pattern download available further down. The construction looks like difficult piecing but is super easy, and a huge time saver using Anita’s Rotary Cutting Revolution one step cutting instructions.

Karen over at Moose bay Muses made her blocks using the ugliest reject charms. Using two charms gave her two small blocks. For such ugly charms this quilt turned out amazing.

charm squares for four and half inch Arrowhead blocks
This is my version of Anita’s Arrowhead made from my ugliest charms . Most of the charms I used for this little quilt were rejects from my Trick or Treat basket quilt.

There’s a short paragraph about how she made her arrowhead blocks as follows –

When you use two five inch charms squares, you end up with a block approximately 4 3/4″.

To make the blocks from five inch charm squares, just change the space you leave open when sewing around the square to one inch. When you cut the sides after sewing, move your ruler into the block three quarters of an inch from your stitch-line (that will be the most accurate, because the charms have pinked edges and sometimes it is hard to determine where to place your ruler to cut one inch in from the edge).

That’s it! I squared mine up to 4 3/4 inch blocks.


Anita’s Arrowhead is available as a free pattern and includes alternate sizes for twin and queen. Get Anita’s further instructions for up to seven size blocks here.


Anita’s book Rotary Cutting Revolution New One Step Cutting of 8 quilt blocks, is a method to cutting your fabric pieces quickly in just one step, cutting with precision and without waste. In print from way back in 2010.

Cut quicker with a rotary cutter Anita Solomon

Rotary Cuting Revolution is available for purchase.


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