Curvy Log Cabin Quilt Layers Of Beauty To Discover

Curvy Log Cabin Quilt Pattern With Rolling Curved Patterns

There are a myriad of ways to use color for this log cabin quilt pattern. The pattern is mesmerizing. With a feeling of waves, this curvy log cabin generates so much movement.  The true beauty can be discovered with clever fabric combinations. There are layers of beauty still to be discovered with this quilt pattern.

The design in itself is dimensional. Softer tones for a blended curve would really compliment or strong contrasting colors such as this to bring the true beauty of the curves.

Interesting use of floral with peeks of pink flower petals, and a glimpse of white on dark blue make this quilt glint. It takes a while to figure out what it’s about, and then you start to love it.


The center star is the first part of the curve to come.

Curvy Log Cabin Quilt center star


The next curve encases the star.

curvy log cabin quilt center


The curvy pattern create a beautiful wave.

Curvy Log Cabin Quilt contrasting fabric


Finally the whole curvy log cabin pattern comes to life!

curvy log cabin quilt completed


This is an overview of the design.

log cabin curved pattern


Planning the colors of this curvy log cabin quilt pattern is going to be great fun.

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