Curvy Log Cabin To Start Your Spring Quilting

Use The Curvy Log Cabin For Any Season.

The curvy log cabin is a new twist on an old favorite.


The blocks are built much like traditional log cabin blocks, however in the curvy log cabin blocks, one side of the “logs” are cut larger than the other, giving the quilt a “curvy” illusion. With any log cabin the block is built around the center, but with the strips on one side of the block are 1 1/2″ , and the other side the strips are 2 inches, creating this wavy illusion.

maywood studios Arabella

It’s fun to put together and by the time you reach your third block you can already see the curve starting to take form. A quick tip from the designer Jen from Shabby Fabrics is to cut all of your 1 1/2″ strips first and put them aside, and then cut the 2″ strips so you don’t mis-cut any of your fabric. Keeping the two sizes seperate avoids mistakes when constructing the block.

To make a log cabin block, you would usually you start with a center square and keep adding the logs around the center without pre cutting the strips. Jen suggests to get a perfect log cabin block, pre cut the strips to what they should be using the sizes in the pattern. The blocks automatically are the same size and construction of the top becomes quick and easy.

Using the Creative Grids 6 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ ruler the blocks come out exact, no stress and saves time. The ruler has white dot markings for even size cuts, and black dot markings for half size cuts. For example when measuring the 8 inch strip length, use the ruler side with the white dots and go straight to the 8 inch measure. Then when cutting the 9 1/2 inch strips turn the ruler to the side with the black dots and go straight to the 9 1/2″ strip length. You can’t miss!

Arabella by Maywood Studio was used for the feature quilt. The deep purple green and creams is a great color combo, so pretty. or use your choice of fabrics. The dark light of the log cabin creates it’s own curve using the Curvy Log Cabin technique and looks great in any colors and prints. Make a few blocks using the free quilt block pattern. It’s fun and much easier than it seems. The blocks can easily be used to make a quilt.

The Curvy Log Cabin pattern is available for purchase. The finished size of the quilt is 62″ x 72″.


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