Bargello Quilt Swirling Star That Dances

Swirling Star Bargello Quilt Block

A unique star using a Bargello quilt pattern method, that has such movement, it really looks like it’s spinning. The mix of colours, dark blue with gold as part of the bargello quilt block, hi lights the spinning star. It really does dance. That’s why it’s called the twirling star. Imagine this block as a feature block on a quilt. It would be quite ‘royale’.

Bargello quilt patterns look almost impossible to achieve, yet when you see the strip arrangement, suddenly it looks so easy. Usually a Bargello quilt has a kind of wavy looking design. But with this star quilt block, by using a bargello quilt technique, it’s made the star look like it’s twirling. What an amazing combination.

The quilting fabric is merely cream, navy and print. For your fabric you’ll need
Cream   ¾ yard, Navy  2 1/4  yards,  and Print ¾ yard.

This is kind of the idea.
Make four units as pictured in the pattern. Piece them in order of the numbers.

bargello quilt pattern strips for a star block

Sew two of these units to make a half star. Make two units. Sew two half stars together to make a complete star.

bargello quilt pattern star

Take a look at this. Go ahead and give it try.


bargello quilt using a spinning star


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