Easily Organize A Sewing Room At Home

Use Existing Cupboard Space Make Small Changes.

Glamorous sewing rooms in magazines are great, but could take a lifetime to achieve, and are not always that practical. A vacant bedroom in the home may already have built in cupboards. Minimal additions might be all that is needed in order for you to get organized, using every space available.


Kimberly Einmo’s sewing room is packed with smart storage. Pullout drawers originally built for clothing, make every inch of space accessible. Group accessories, per drawer. Pulling the drawer out lets light in making it so much easier to find things. The second drawer holds precuts, while the bottom drawer makes neatly folded fabrics easily accessible by tone and color. Pack vertical thread racks sorted by color in a pull out drawer and match fabric to thread without even taking the thread out.

sewing room ideas space

All People Quilt
Stackable, see-through caddies organize in-process projects, fabrics, and less-used tools. This stackable caddy on wheels provides extra storage and is practical too. Stack-n-Go wheel base uses swivel casters to let you move an entire stack of supplies safely and easily. The clear storage cannisters can be removed to hang on the mounting bar. Available here.

stackable caddys on wheels see through


A home-made ironing board made for quilting and sewing projects as well as for pressing, fits comfortably in a skinny broom cabinet.

ironing board for quilters home made

Be sure the work top in the center of the room has drawers.


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