Easy Stipple Quilting

Stipple Quilt Swirls and Curves

Stipple quilting or meandering is fun and fairly easy to master. You need a darning foot, otherwise known as a meandering foot, or open toe foot to use on your sewing machine, and be able to drop the feed. Make sure you have some space, so you’re able to move the quilt around freely, with nothing getting in the way.



If you have a tray table for your machine it would help immensely to keep the quilt, or quilt block as flat as possible. You can stipple on any part of your quilt, adding design and texture at will. Stippling is usually a small curvy design, with meandering much the same as stippling, except the patterns are more open spaced and relaxed.

It’s fun creating swirling curves and flowery patterns. You can also create a really small, closed design which is called micro stippling, which feels like paisley to me.

In the video, Theresa Powers of Joyous Home, shows how to meander, which is the easiest, so if its your first attempt, why not start with large meandering. Get a sample padded quilt block to try out until you get the feel of the flow for your stipple quilting. This will also give you a chance to make sure your tension is correct.

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