Everything You Need To Know To Pick The Right Binding

Deciding Which Type of Binding Is Right For A Quilt

Choosing the perfect finish is just part of binding a quilt. The right weave, straight grain, or bias makes the difference to allowing the finished binding to lay nice and flat. Keep this handy cheat sheet that shows exactly how to choose the best binding for your quilt.


Straight grain cut binding, or tape, has no flex, is best for covering straight edges, resulting in a perfect finish with neat mitered corners. If the binding is cut on the bias, it will stretch a bit when you pull on the ends of the strip, which is great for curved edges.

the right binding for a quilt guide

You can tell by looking closely at the fabric weave, or do the tug-test, by gently pulling the ends of the fabric strip. If it’s cut on the grain, the fabric will not stretch. Making your own isn’t hard and lets you customize the grain, color and pattern, or, once you know which bias tape is the right one for the quilt project, pre-made binding is easily available.

Sherri Sylvester has compiled a binding cheat sheet which quickly identifies 4 of the most common types of quilt binding. For example, single fold quilt binding, recommended for quilts to be hung on display. Single-fold bias tape on the cross wise, usually used just for trim. Double-fold bias tape, is advised as not the best choice for quilts as it leaves just a single layer of fabric to cover the raw edge. And French quilt binding which is a great choice for a quilt you plan to use and wash a lot.

how to choose the right quilt binding

The Cheat Sheet is a complete guide to different types of quilt bindings and bias tape, with a quick explanation for each requirement, making it very easy to pick exactly the right binding to get your quilt perfect.


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