Fat Quarters And A Friendly Star Quilt Reach For The Stars

Fat Quarters In Contrasting Fabric Brings Life To The Stars

This beautiful Reach for the Stars quilt pattern requires fat quarters or yardage for the stars, and fat quarters or yardage for the background. Just pick a focus color for your background, and then a contrasting color for the stars. This quilt would look great with low volume fabrics for the background!

fat quarters reach for the stars quilt

Picking out fabrics can be the most overwhelming element of starting a quilt, and using this pattern with precut fabrics eliminates those problems.

This quilt is a gem. The stars are a little like gems. The extreme contrasting fabric make the stars ‘pop’. This quilt splashes vibrancy and personality.

fat quarters quilt pattern

Unusual contrasting red and deep orange against a violet background add a highly creative feel to this quilt. It’s an inspiration. Clever placement of the blocks with non descript florals in a mix of light and dark monotones create a marbled effect.

fat quarters contrasting fabric for the stars

The pattern for this quilt is available for purchase. It’s designed ‘easy’ and would prove a lovely project.

Finished size for the BABY Quilt: 41″ x 41″
Finished Size for the LAP Quilt: 54″ x 68″

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