Four Seasons Mug Rug Your Favorite Bird In A Heart

Make All Four Birds For Anytime Of Year.

The gentle, soft colors of spring are the setting for a bluejay, and a red headed woodpecker sits among the hotly colored blossoms of mid-summer. A red breasted robin blends with autumn shades of falling leaves, while the bright red and black colors of the cardinal stand out boldly in contrast to winter skies and evergreens.


Use your choice of bird for the season, or if you love them all as I do, make a quartet of bird mug rugs. There are many variations of these quaint mug rugs. Use reds for Valentines and gift a bird lover. These bird block can be used in a quilt for a picturesque wall hanging. They’re easy to make up and will brighten any room displayed on a table top, or kitchen area.

birds in hearts mug rug

A perfect scrap buster for pieces 7″ x 9″ and 8 x 11″ for the backing. Perch the pretty bird in a fusible web heart, and use black embroidery floss or a small black bead for the eyes.

They’re easy to make, a set of two Cardinal mug rugs for Valentines day!

Cardinal mug rug in heart

Make a delightful set in any colors to display all year round.


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