One In A Million Valentine Mug Rug With A Fluttering Heart

Happy Heart Mug Rug In A Heartbeat.

A sweet mug rug with a fluttering heart that reminds someone special of your love for them everyday. The happy heart beams with love without you even having to say a word. Make one for anyone who is dear to you to say how happy you are to have their love. Scrappy heart mug rugs quilted with a ripple of hearts create a resonance of never ending love.

Tilting the heart to one side makes the mug rug appear happy. Make the heart using two inch strips in a mix of red prints, from florals to checks. The addition of Polka dots always create a light hearted theme. Sew the strips together and simply cut out the shape of the heart. Then position the heart as you like and applique. A white background defines the heart and the rippling creates a ‘fluttering’ effect as if the heart is happy.

scrappy hearts mug rug

Another way to make the heart is to take fabric scraps and cut random pieces in different shapes and size. Sew two pieces together and trim, then another piece, and another until you have a patchwork of about 6 1/2 inches square. Then cut out the heart shape using the template. It seems to say I’ve gone to pieces over you! Quilt with loopy free motion quilting around the heart.

Valentine mug rug patchwork

For the strips at the side of the mug rug, choose to make patchwork squares or leave them in strips. Use mixes of pink prints and solids, or light and dark reds. You can make two or three in an afternoon and give them away as gifts. A wonderful way to use up scraps and steal someones heart.

Makes quaint mug rugs with a finished size of  6 1/2  x  9 1/2″.