Heart Mug Rug To Say What’s In Your Heart

Sweet Messages On These Mug Rugs Easy To Say In A Scrappy Sort Of Way.

It’s very touching to most people to recieve a gift that has been handmade with love. Hearts always make people smile. I don’t know why, they just do. Even the smallest project is more often than not, is the gift that is kept and treasured for years to come. These heart mug rugs are useful too, and while being used every day, are a warm reminder of that someone special who made it. Make a scrappy heart and put a message on. Then give them as gifts. Use them for coasters, or a table accessory. The mug rugs can be used as a love note too.


You get to use your favorite fabric by using scraps of your favorites. The hearts are totally scrappy and using a crazy quilt design, can be made with small bits of fabric stitched together to make a fun design.

Heart mug rug Be Mine


The completed size of the heart is 7″ x  7″, a versatile designed for mugs of hot chocolate with enough room for a cookie, coffee, tea, or any hot drink. Use as a pad or mat for anything such as a mug that might be too hot for a table surface. Everytime you use the mug rug, there’s a sweet message for the day.

heart mug rug messsage Life is good


The design comes with all sorts of messages for you to choose from and put on the mug rug. Some are ‘Just Add Chocolates’ or let the kids choose ‘Best Grandma Ever!’.

heart mug rug Best Grandpa ever


Some have words of encouragement. ‘Love’, ‘Dream’, ‘Hope’, or make up your own like ‘Be my sinnamon roll!’… for Valentines. Make a heart mug rug with a message. It’s such fun!

heart mug rug with a message Snow Happens

The quaint heart mug rugs with a message are designed by Doodle Time Designs. The pattern comes with 58 messagesof love plus another 60 mixed. A quick and easy project to make on the weekend, spending a quiet moment to decide which message you would like to put on.