How To Get Crisp Binding Corners And Join Binding Ends To Lay Flat

There’s No Reason To Get Lumpy Corners In Your Quilt Binding.

Use these techniques, and even beginner quilters can get binding just perfect, right from the start! Binding can spoil a beautiful quilt that you have spent so much time nurturing, from fabric selection, to the best design and getting quilt blocks perfect. Repeated lumpy binding corners leave you feeling as though it’s a constant challenge to get a clean crisp corner. You might even be sending your quilts out for the binding. Learn these simple techniques that anyone can do.


In this video, Julie Cefalu shares her techniques to get perfect mitered corners, and how to find the exact spot to stop stitching when you come to a corner, to get the perfect miter. She has also mastered connecting the binding ends, resulting in a length of binding that lays flat, and as a result is easy to stitch to your quilt with a perfect fit first time.

Beginners and experienced quilters alike will benefit trying out Julies method that you can easily learn watching her video. You can apply these techniques for almost any quilt project, and bind your quilts with confidence of the perfect finish.

If you don’t already have one, Julie’s perfect piecing seam guide is available from here.



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