Jelly Roll Strips and Charm Squares A Super Easy Pre Cuts Quilt

Any Combination Of Strips and Squares Can be Used.

This fun quilt is deceptively easily, and made up using a mix of bright prints and white solids, the design is vibrant and energetic. The Jelly Turnover quilt is made from jelly strips, candy squares and charm squares the uniqueness lies in its fabulous display and quick-sewing technique using four quadrants.


Choose any colors and prints in combination with white fabric for the hst’s and sashing. Or use a jelly roll and charm squares from your stash saving time cutting. The quilt requires two charm squares, one in a mix of colorful prints, and a charm square in white solid. For the cornerstones cut 2 1/2″ squares of print or use a candy square co-ordinated with the charm pack.

moda jelly roll Grant Park

To save time cutting jelly strips to size for the sashing, designer Shannon Mower of Modern Traditional Quilts suggests laying six jelly strips in a row on the cutting board. Then make one cut across all six rows, as you would have done when cutting just one strip, cutting them all the same size. Then sew the candy squares end to end with the white strips to create the sashing.

easy jelly roll quilt

free jelly roll and charm square quilt pattern

The fun part happens when you put the quilt top together. The top is made up using strips and half square triangles sewn together to create a quadrant. Place the hst’s one way in the first quadrant, and then the opposite way in the next quadrant. Repeat for the next two quadrants. Then construct the quilt by placing the four quadrants together to form this delightful design. The exciting design is mesmerizing as you watch it come together.

Quilt design using pre cut fabric

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