Learn How To Machine Bind Your Quilt

Leaves Extra Time For Sewing.

With a few pins and a little bit of patience, you will learn how to bind a quilt in half the time it would take to bind a quilt by hand. We love the clever little tips on machine binding using thread color, and how to fold over the binding so that you don’t miss the back while stitching in the ditch from the top.

This eight minute tutorial will save so much time with the finish just as neat. Making the quilt is so much fun, and then comes the binding that seems to take forever, when you’re hanging off the edge of your seat to see it finished. With just a few tips you’ll have the know how that will change your feeling towards binding forever. We have all been there before. Kimberly Jolly introduces us to a new, quicker technique we know you’re going to love. Machine binding is a much simpler way to attach your binding, and so quick! With a few pins and a little bit of patience, you will have a perfectly bound quilt in half the time if you finished it by hand. Works for me.

how to machine bind your quilt

There is a great tutorial for machine binding in this eight minute video by Kimberly Jolly from The Fat Quarter Shop.

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