No Bulk At The Corners Of Your Quilt Binding

A Tip To Make Corners Perfect

Adding the binding means you’re almost done with your beautiful quilt project. It’s the final touch which spurs you on to get it finished. You should be taking a little time to get beautiful binding, however, even if you’re in a hurry to finish, apply this simple technique to get corners flat, with no bumps at all, and the result is just perfect!



They’re easy steps and through it all, there’s just one extra snip that makes all the difference. To begin with, to save binding ending up finishing at a corner, lay your binding all the way around the edge of your quilt until the ends meet again. Adjust the placement around the perimeter so the there are no seams in your binding fabric near any of the corners.

Be sure to leave at least a 12-inch tail of binding beyond your starting point so you can properly finish the ends.

The remainder of these invaluable tips include a magnificent idea from Partick Lose, to get binding corners flat every time! To begin with, Dawn Cavanaugh of APQS, explains the flip and sew method for the corners. Then, use Patricks trick to remove the bulk in the binding corners so that the binding folds nicely and lays flat, and square! Dawn explains the method here:-

In the binding seam allowance, snip along the top fold of the binding up to the stitching line. Pull the binding seam allowance back to reveal the little triangle fold of fabric from the binding. Fold the quilt back out of the way, and trim that small triangle away by cutting just next to your stitching line.

Do this on all four corners. Re-fold the binding back in place. Press the binding away from the quilt top and turn it to the back to form a neat angled fold. Pin the folded edge in place.

When folding the binding back over, it will form a super neat mitered corner!

how remove bulk from binding corners

For more tips and tricks, there is a free mini course, ‘Patricks Binding Basics’, which explains step by step, and illustrated, how to snip the corners to remove bulk entirely.

For Dawns full tutorial on how to make great binding corners, click here.



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