One Hour Basket For Your Ever Growing Fat Quarter Collection

Super Simple One Hour Basket Fits Folded Fat Quarters Perfectly

These fabric baskets are the easiest to make. Making the one hour basket using ‘quilt as you go’ is perfect for scrap busting. The patchwork helps to make and keep the basket a little more sturdy. With the patchwork basket, some strip batting was added to the handles to stop them from flopping. Nice idea.

one hour basket made using quilt as you go technique

Add some strip batting to the handles to stop them from flopping.

how to make the handles for a one hour basket

Quilt as you go means simply adding a piece of fabric and then another and another to make up the fabric you need for the project. To keep the finish nice though, cut nice neat pieces in squares or triangles and iron them so that they’re not wonky. Start by stitching the smallest pieces together then as you add, the “piece’ becomes bigger so the next piece you add can be bigger and so it goes. When choosing the fabric scraps to sew together, get a collection of fabric that works so that the final fabric piece looks good too.

qayg means quilt as you go

Keep adding scraps and quilting them until you have a big enough slab for your project.

quilt as you go fabric

Here’s a quick tutorial on the steps if you would like to see more on how to quilt as you go.

If you would like go ahead and learn some good basics, Ros from Sew Delicious did the Quilt As You Go with Tara Rebman, a while back and look at the beautiful basket she made (plus a whole heap of other projects as a result of the mini course).  Being able to watch the videos and see her trouble shoot is a huge help.

For her basket she made two quilt as you go panels for the exterior. To keep these panels structured to hold the basket’s shape cut a piece of regular cotton quilt batting (not polyester or high loft), and cut a piece of home decorator or canvas fabric for the back of the panel.  Always cut these pieces with an extra inch all around to allow for shrinking after the quilting, and trimming the panels up. The quilting stitches add to the structure and help keep the baskets shape.

how to make a one hour basket with patchwork

So that’s the One Hour Basket made using the quilt as you go method, using fabric scraps!

Here are some other baskets made from the same pattern using fabric. The handles are floppy and the basket looks really cute.This one was made using one my favorite fabrics Mendocino Underwater Sisters by Heather Ross and makes a beautiful one hour basket. See Underwater Sisters here.

fabric basket Mendocino Underwater Sisters

Nun fabric and the basket has a ‘tape measure’ border around the top!… and full of fat quarters! The width fits folded fat quarters perfectly.

one hour basket for fat quarters

A great Saturday project, although you might need a couple of baskets. They’re great for scraps and stash too. What fun.


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