Two Oversized Floor Pillows With Just One Jelly Roll

Oversized Floor Pillows Colorful Jelly Rolls and Circular Quilt Pattern

This oversized floor pillow made with just one jelly roll and some backing fabric. It’s made using a circular quilt pattern with the most beautiful mix of colors. With just one Jelly Roll (plus some extra fabric for the back and piping), you can make two matching oversized floor pillows.

The kids just love these huge pillows to lay around on. To be honest I think they are an addition to any decor. Depending on the print this pouffe type jumbo pillow could be made for the classiest decor. The soft fabric round in the middle just finishes it off beautifully. When I found this tutorial and saw the end result  I had to tuck it into my downloads folder. This one is a must do before the year is out.

Look at this circular pattern.

oversized floor pillows pink and red

oversized floor pillow cover

I’ve found two completed floor pillows in different colors. Pinks and reds together.

two oversized floor pillows in pink and red

And these my favorite in green and mixed colors.

oversized floor pillows green colors


oversized floor pillow mixed colors

oversized floor pillow kids

What you’ll need is
1 Jelly Roll colors of your chooice
2 1/2 yards of fabric for the pillow bottom
1/2 yard of fabric for the piping
6/32″ Cotton Piping (95″ long for the small pillow and 140″ long for the larger pillow)
2 packages of 1 ½” Cover Button Kits  (You will need to make 4 fabric covered buttons)
Stuffing (4 bags of 24oz. poly-fil will fill both pillows. If you are just making the large pillow, you will need 3 bags.)
Fishing Wire or Super Strong Beading Thread.

One Extra Long Needle – a darning needle is good.

I hope that the fabric requirements list kind of gives you an idea of what to prepare for. The link to the pattern is below.

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