Owl Potholders Are Such Fun In the Kitchen

Make Each Owl Potholder With Their Own Expression.

If you have to use an oven glove to protect your hands, at least let them be these quaint little owl potholders with night owl eyes. You’ll find they are easy to make and useful. Owls are trending now after a huge come back. Everyone loves owls. You can create expressions by using different eyes. Squinty eyes, wide eyed and snoozy create a set of owls for your kitchen that will make anyone smile. They have so much expression in their eyes, they even keep you company!

If your potholders are worn out and your kitchen needs something new to welcome you in the morning, a couple of new kitchen towels and these owl potholders won’t cost much. The owls are such fun to make and small enough to use up some left over fabric or a fat quarter, some yardage and scraps. Incorporate different uses for the owls. Sew the pockets closed and use as hot pads.

cute owl potholder pattern


There are pockets in front to slip your hand in when something has to come out of the oven quick! Take the hot dishes to the table with your quaint owl potholders. They look so cute they’re almost huggable.

Using leftover fabric is a great way to recycle and create something new. This pattern is bliss using sets of eyes that create personalities for each owl. I doubt you’ll stop at one. Have fun creating different expressions for each owl by changing the eyes.

owl potholders night owl snoozy droopy eyes

Change the postion of the long lashed owls snoozing at twilight. Mix the eyes up by using one snoozy lash, and one eye open!

whimsical owl potholder one eye closed


Just when you thought there were no more cute kitchen accessories to make, along comes these night owls to keep you company. These owls are perfect as a housewarming present or gift for owl lovers too.