Why She Had Painters Tape Stuck To The Side Of Her Sewing Machine

Use Painters Tape Stuck To A Sewing Machine

Piecing these blocks with triangle corners? I saw this and thought I would share this quick trick. Usually a pattern will recommend drawing a pencil line from corner to corner on the wrong side, and sewing along the line. Like this one:

sewing blocks

Drawing little lines on 160 squares whew time time time…! Here’s a better idea. Place a piece of tape so that edge is in line with the needle of your machine.

use painters tape stuck to a sewing machine to sew straight lines


When you are sewing on your squares, start in one corner, and keep the opposite corner on that tape edge to keep the seam line straight.

use painters tape for sewing straight lines


When your done you’ll have a nice straight line from corner to corner.

use painters tape to sew quilt blocks


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