Patchwork Oven Mitts For All Year Round

Make A Patchwork Oven Mitt For Your Kitchen In Any Fabric.

Make up these quaint oven mitts with the smallest scraps. Made with a mix of miniature nine patch squares using strips of fabric, and a square the same size to create a double nine patch block for super fast oven mitts. Choose any fun print, the nine patch blocks have all the personality you need.


Go totally scrappy to make up the blocks. Use pretty colors typical for the kitchen such as bright red, pink florals and white. Or yellow and lime green with a mix of aqua. Lavender florals are also nice. Stitch the blocks together to create your ‘fabric’. While the tutorial shows the oven mitts being made for Christmas, choose any season or match your decor. Any fabric will be great for these sweet patchwork oven gloves!

patchwork oven mitt pattern


Sewing up the nine patch blocks are super easy. Find left over strips of fabric and stitch 3 together. The strips sew up so quick, in no time you’ll have a whole stack of cute little nine patch squares. Stitch the square and nine patch blocks together until your have a fabric piece large enough to cut out the oven mitt.

oven mitt nine patch squares


Make the mitt lining with thermal batting. Quilt the glove as you like, or stitch in the ditch. Great saturday afternoon project using scraps and left over strips for a pair of new oven mitts in time for dinner. Make an extra pair for friend!


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