Wonky Pinwheel Blocks To Get Everyone’s Attention

Make Wonky Pinwheel Blocks And Show Your ‘Arty’ Side.

While quilting pinwheel blocks is an art, there is always the attention to detail. Get the seams exact. Press to the dark side. Make sure the block lays flat. With wonky pinwheel block it seems as though you get away with all of that fussing.

So these wonky pinwheel blocks might be a bit out of shape, all the rules still apply. Look at the results. Colorful and creative. These pinwheel blocks were made with fall colors.

quilt fabric for autumn pinwheel blocks

The pinwheels are a bit wonky, as the pinwheel sections are all pieced a bit free-form, and don’t all need to be a precise size. Using a variety of neutral fabrics for the background places the emphasis of the wonky design.
neutral fabric for pinwheel blocks
pinwheel block pink and orange

pinwheel blocks laid out
pinwheel blocks colorful


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