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Make These Pocket Warmers Filled With Rice

These pocket warmers are a great gift idea. You’ll be using  a couple yourself when the weather takes on a chill. Any small amounts of scrap fabric will do the job. In no time you’ll have a pile of them to throw in with a gift, or hang on the tree at Christmas.

Sometimes ideas so simple turn out to be one of the nicest. Tuck this idea away for a quick quilty Sauturday afternoon project. Wrap them in nice cellophane paper,add a bow and keep on hand for that quick little gift surprise you would like to reach for in your hand bag.

You will need:
Fabric scraps
Pencil/fabric marker
Pinking shears

Draw a circle on one of your pieces of fabric with a fabric marker or pencil.

how to make pocket warmers

Place your chosen fabrics right side out and sew around the circle leaving a small opening for the rice. Using a funnel or jug pour rice into your pouch and fill about 5/6 full.

Sew the gap closed then cut around the sewn circle with pinking shears.

pocket warmers pattern

The next thing you know you have a whole pile for little gifts!


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