Summer Quilt Design With Eclectic Fabric

This Summer Quilt Design Is “Simply Eclectic”


Blue and white with touches of solid red make this quilt design feel like an Hawaiian quilt. The white swirly floral touches of fridge white on the dark blue gives the appearance of white foam on top of an ocean wave. This quilt was originally designed for a Fall quilt show, but the blue breezy ocean look makes it feel summery.

The quilt design has a white background with one or two strong accent colors. It’s “Simply Eclectic”! Use the same design pattern, but create your own accents to tie in with the decor.  Like this one, so eye catching, it could even be great on a feature wall. In effect, the white floral twirls on dark blue look like white foam on an ocean wave.

The name of the fabric is the “Simply Eclectic” signature collection by KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms.  Use the theme of the fabric to create an Hawaiian quilt style. The quilt is a finished size of 50″ x 70″.

This was the first quilt made using Simply Eclectic. It’s the fabric that compliments the quilt, but the quilt design lends itself to the fabric.

quilt design using Simply Eclectic fabric




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