Polka Dot Snowman Rag Quilt For A Lot Of Snuggle

A Polka Dot Looks Like Snow For This Rag Quilt.

It’s not really a true polka dot, but what a great snow theme. It’s really effective. This rag quilt is quite unusual with the mix of polka dot and snowman fabric. An adorable Christmas fabric featuring a snowman in a repeat of 4 panels, in a lovely soft blue and brown fabric. It’s called Snowman Hot Cocoa. Cant beat that!

snowman hot cocoa for quilting

To add there’s a mix of small and large squares, The small squares are chocolate brown. The chocolate brown next to the blue polka dot gives the pattern more depth than a rag quilt already does. A snowy quilt immediately makes you feel like snuggling. Using this mix in a raggy quilt makes the quilt especially cuddly. The raggy edges look very ‘furry’, and the squares could be the windows of a cottage on a snowy day. It’s delightful!

blue polka dot quilt fabric

The ruffled edges around the polka dot snow make the quilt fabric look busy. It’s almost as though the snow is moving! Run your eyes over the quilt and see if you notice it too. I love the way the large blocks are used for the ‘windows’ with four snowmen peeping out.

The chocolate fabric is mingled in the rag’d ruffle and makes it look like there’s an extra layer. All in all it’s quite an unusual rag quilt and worth a good look at the free pattern.

There are no measurements for this pattern, except to say that you used the same fabric, the main block size would be the one with the four snowmen. Those could be the starting block size, the cut a mix of rectangle and square blocks for the rest.

Lay the fabric squares out on the floor to get the best arrangement and stitch as usual for a raggy quilt.  Take a quick look at this raggy quilt pattern to show you how.


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