Prettiest Puff Quilt With Buttons Uses A Heap Of Fabric Scraps

Easy Puff Quilt With Or Without Buttons.

This puff quilt is easier than it appears. They make a great baby shower gift and for later, the puffs make a great play mat with extra cushioning for little ones just starting to sit. If making for baby, leave off the buttons and run a thread through the center and knot the end. Not just for baby, use it as a lap quilt.

The quilt is warm and snuggly due to the thickness, yet it’s fairly lightweight. Each puff requires only a small 5″ square of fabric, a little batting for each bubble making this a perfect scrap project. Make the quilt any size adding as many puffs as needed.



The puffs make the quilt bulky and it takes a little maneouvering to stitch the puffs. Use Wonderclips to secure the quilt for sewing. The puffs can get quite bulky and seams are buried in the fullness. The clips have markings on the flat part of the clip to show you how far your seam allowance is.


The pattern rating is skill level easy. Almost anyone can make this pretty buttoned puff quilt. A real cutie to snuggle under on a chilly afternoon.

The puff quilt pattern is available for purchase.