Quick Stitch This Colorful Stash Buster Quilt

Use Up Jelly Strips Laying Around Too Long

This scrappy rail fence quilt is so easy using jelly strips, you can relax with each and every block, and then sit back and enjoy the fabric! A great beginner quilt, or even if you’re thinking of starting quilting. Gather a pile of colorful strips, or fabric fabrics that need to be put to good use, and make a new quilt to freshen up your decor after the holiday season.


The blocks require strips of fabric cut into rectangles and sewn together. Sort through stash that you love, but never got to incorporate into any of your quilt projects, and start cutting rectangles. For rainbow fun choose random colors in any fabrics you have in the basket. Add left over jelly strips, and add pieces of fabric large enough to cut 2 1/2″ strips into rectangles.

Midnight Quilter Railfence quilt

This stash buster is a great solution for fabric hoarding a piece of fabric that you love so much that you shy away from using it! Or getting passed scrap guilt over couple of pieces of fabric that you might never use just because, but you feel guilty using it. However, whether you are a fabric lover, hoarder or guilty of holding onto fabric scraps, this Scrappy Stash Buster pattern needs that fabric!

Since the pattern is simply the same easy block, it’s easy to make any size quilt. Watch the Midnight Quilter, Angela Walters on how to make a fun quilt and bust some stash, plus how to use strips, fabric and/or scraps.


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