Scottie Dog Quilt With Cute Puffy Dogs

If You Love Dog Quilts Have Fun With These Cutee Puffed Scottie Dogs.

Dog quilts are too cute. There’s so much personality in a quilt with dogs and if you’re a dog lover, your heart is about to melt with these sweet little scotties. They’re happy little pups with boxy bows and a bell button. The pups are appliqued onto squares and puffed with the batting from behind the block. Super easy to make up. Anyone can make these quaint scottie dog blocks.

The quilt is made using traditional black and red tartan, with greys to bring in light and texture. Follow the colors if you love the theme, or else choose any mix of colors that capture your heart. Take out a heap of scraps and see what can be put together. Check stash for yardage in light and dark greys, black and reds if wanting to keep uniformity. Cut strips of the same fabric for the bows, or find pretty colors from your scrap bag.Scottie dog puffed dogs plaid fabric


A mix of the same fabrics for the inner border makes a nice frame. Then choose one main color for the outer border. Black and white polka dot for the binding creates a light hearted finish. Quilt dog bones down each side for extra charm … just so we know what the quilt is about.

scottie dog quilt puffed dogs


Choose your favorite buttons for the quaint collars, for extra cuteness. You could even add a tiny bell.

scottie dog template with quilt pattern

To ‘puff’ the dogs, cut out the scottie from the template. Lay the appliques onto the base fabric square (the square used for the quilt block). Applique the pup to the square. Carefully trim away the base square fabric behind the appliqué leaving at least 1/4” seam allowance. This will allow the batting to fluff into the shapes once the quilting is done.

Use scottie dog blocks for stacks of projects like throw pillows. I was thinking… if making a scrappy fabric basket for your dogs toys, place one scottie dog block right in front , a great gift for a dog lover!

This delightful quilt designed by Debbie Beaves .


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