A Scrap Quilt In 40 Minutes

Make Your Scrap Quilt And Use It Tonight!

Valerie showed me a great way to use up scraps for a scrap quilt. Cut into 2 1/2″ strips to make a scrap quilt. Simple straight sewing skills are all you need. When you join the strips, sew at a forty five degree angle as shown, and trim off the edge diagonally, leaving a quarter inch seam.

how to make a scrap quilt

Now you could two and a half inch wide jelly rolls, and has forty strips, if you don’t want to spend the time using scrap fabric. If you have a whole of scraps, why not try and use it up.

To get this size scrap quilt, Valerie has sewn together thirty strips at fourteen inches length and two and half inch wide.

Taking each end of the entire strip length, put the ends right sides together and stitch lengthwise, using a quarter inch seam. This is the longest bit you’re going have to sew.
When you get to the end, cut the strip across at the bend. (see the video) You now have one continual length, but with two strips sewn together. Find the end again and put right sides together of each end. Stitch the entire length. Cut the end. You now have an entire length but with four strips across.

Look out when finding the ends. You don’t want to twist the strip.

Find the ends again and stitch each end, right sides together. Trim at the end. You now have a width of eight strips. Of course, it gets shorter every time, as it gets wider.

Repeat the same process. Now you will have sixteen strips across, and you will see the quilt starting to come together. Repeat, which will then give you a quilt thirty two strips wide.

Stitch the strips, cut the shape and Tada! It really did take only 40 minutes. The proof is on the clock.

I couldn’t possible describe the result. You have to see it in this video. Great!


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