Sew A Bright And Easy Baby Mat

Fun And Colorful To Brighten Up The Nursery

This half square triangle quilt is a fun easy baby mat. This pretty quilted baby mat is useful using bright bust colors so the mat can take a lot of spills and more! It’s fun to sew and would make a great baby shower gift!



The 36 1/2″ finished square is a convenient as it can be backed with a single stretch of yardage! A great size for use as a play mat, while also still being small enough to use as a crib or stroller quilt. Colorful vibrant prints are perfect for this playful quilt, put together with half square triangles to form a star motif.

fat quarter friendly quilted baby mat

The quilt top is made up of four quadrants. This beginner friendly design is great to get started with a fat quarter bundle, dividing colours  into warm and cool palettes, to be assigned to each of the four quadrants that make up the star.

Each quadrant can be filled with straight line echo quilting, enhancing the pretty design, and great for practicing with a walking foot. In fact, it would make a striking wall quilt!

star baby quilt


The star baby mat is available as a free pattern, provided by Bonjour Quilts. However, you will be asked for your email address in order to get the pattern. It’s lovely though, and a great quilt for learning how to piece quadrants to form a star, and super fun with colorplay!




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