Shades Of Tiffany Quilt Is Dazzling

Shades Of Tiffany Quilt Starts With The Deco Crystal Design.

The Shades Of Tiffany quilt pattern is almost as dazzling as a stained glass Tiffany Lamp. When the quilt top was sewn, it was held up in front of a sunny window. The quilt top look like a spectacular piece of stained glass! It might not look like a scrap quilt but it is, since there are more than 24 fabrics in the crystal area alone, and the most frequently used fabric requires less that a 1/4 yard!

The crystal facets are made up of lighter colored batiks and prints, scraps, and 1/4 yard each of 12 fabrics, and darker colored batiks and prints from scraps and 1/4 yard each of 12 fabrics. Most of the fabrics are tone on tone batiks, a few additional prints were added to create the stained glass appearance.

For the backing you need 3 yards.
Batting: 54″ x 54″

An overview of the center crystal design:

Trace the Shades Of Tiffany facet pattern.
For the crystal facets:
From the lighter Batiks and Fabric Prints: Cut 8 crystal facets.
From the darker Batiks and Fabric Prints: Cut 8 crystal facets.
template for Shades of Tiffany quilt pattern
Make up each crystal unit of lighter and darker facets.  It’s really important to complete the lay out on your design wall before you start sewing.
As you build the crystal out add some very light color crystal facets for a ‘sparkle’ effect. Neat! As you build the design outwards, add a few warm and cool color combinations until you feel the tones are nicely balanced. Start with a bold color combination for the centre cross.

how to make shades of tiffany facet cross Add a round of crystal units.
shades of tiffany building out the facetsNow for the third round of crystal units….
shades of tiffany pattern instructionsBuild out till you have completed the fifth round of crystal units. Then add 80 small traingles of background fabric.
shades of tiffany quilt blockStep back from your wall design. Does it have the feeling of crystal? Don’t start sewing until you’re totally happy with the balance and feel of the design. The sewing is intricate and takes a lot of concentration, but when you’re finished with the quilt top and you hold it up to the light, it will leave you breathless!!
shades of tiffany quilt pattern Gai PerryThis is only one of the unique quilt patterns taken from Gai Perry’s 24 Quilted Gems Pattrn Book and Tutorial.
Using the same design, create the Deco Medallion.
template for facet crystals quilt patternStart with the centre cross. Then add the second row of crystals..
deco madallion quilt pattern star
Add the third round, then background triangles to create the perimeter edges.
deco medallion star quilt blockdeco medallion quilt block 24 Quilted GemsDeco Medallion, Frame size: 20″ x 20″.   Quilt Size before quilting: 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″
Gai Perry also offers a lovely book on Do It Yourself Framed Quilts.
Deco Medallion quilt block Gai PerryThey are just dazzling. Shades Of Tiffany Quilt Pattern is Taken from Gai Perry’s 24 Quilted Gems Pattern and Tutorials book.

stained glass quilt patterns 24 Quilted Gems

Scroll through the DIY Framed Quilts.

DIY Framed Quilts

A framed quilt would make a dazzling gift. The books would also be a delight for any quilter. Get one for yourself too!

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