Dresden Bicycle With A Basket of Flowers

Use Dresden Plates For The Wheels.

Capture a scenic bicycle ride on a Dresden bike with a basket overflowing with colorful country flowers. Display this whimsical quilt on your wall, as a bed runner, or over the back of a sofa. The pretty flowers provide a burst of color in the room and provides some exciting fibre art to your quilting projects.


This beautiful and mesmerizing bicycle quilt is a work of art and brings out the creativity in your quilting. Desdens are fun to make, capturing a vintage theme using 30’s repro prints. Dresdens make perfect bike wheels, putting your prints on display. Make this adorable bicycle quilt using a choice of two colorways with photo suggestions provided in the pattern, or use your own colorways. You can also personalise the contents of the basket.

Bicycle quilt with basket of flowers

Sally Manke, the designer of the ‘Whimsical Bicycle Art’ quilt pattern includes 2 pages of templates to create flower baskets and bike parts, as well as a full sized template for the bicycle. When designing the pattern, Sally considered pattern techniques for intermediate, advanced or confident beginner quilter. This is a great project to get started on fibre art, with details in the design providing great opportunities to practise.

basket of flowers with bird bicycle quilt

The basket of flowers, a feature on the bike comes to life with a bird fluttering after the honey sweet scent of the blooms, and a pretty butterfly. The wall hanging might become your best work of art, dazzling in a sun lounge or enclosed patio, or anywhere in your home that could do with some color and light.

basket of flowers fibre art

The quilt is also available for purchase ready made by the designer, Sally Manke.


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