String Pieced Potholders Are A Snap To Create And Use

Use Skinny Holiday Scraps Or Sew For Any Time Of Year

You can transform leftover strips from previous projects into delightful pot holders by using the technique of string piecing. This straightforward method makes up the most fantastic fabric combinations and just perfect for something new in the kitchen.


Select a coordinating set of as little as one inch strips to create a harmonious collection. Sort through especially finding ones that show off a Christmas print! Utilize remnant Christmas fabrics to stitch up for gifts. Quick to sew, make a few additional potholders to maintain a ready supply for unexpected gift-giving opportunities.

String Pieced Potholder Pattern

Consider incorporating different width strips into your design for a playful and eclectic touch, regardless of the time of year or color scheme. The more strips you add, the more charming and scrappy the look will be.

christmas potholder with strings of fabric

string piece christmas potholder pattern

Attach the strips to a square of muslin or other plain fabric, measuring 7-9 inches, which is the size of the finished pot holders or hot pads. Sandwich the fabric with a layer or two of Insul-Bright batting and cotton batting, stack the squares, quilt them together, and finish with a binding.

string piece fabric scraps potholder idea

Sherri Of A Quilting Life has a fun string quilt blocks tutorial to share.

Watch Sherri’s step by step instructions for making a string block quilted potholder, and see the assembly and the quilting process.


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