The Ladder Stitch For The Perfect Finish To Your Projects

Invisible Stitching To Finish Potholders Pincushions And More

You’ll barely be able to see this stitch from the outside of what you’re sewing, especially if you use a matching thread color. Where you would normally use a whip stitch to close up turned projects, why not give the ladder stitch a try. Whip stitching can be pretty though, and it’s good to know the difference between the two. However, if you’ve never tried a ladder stitch finish and you will wonder how you ever got by without it!



A ladder stitch will create an invisible seam between two folded edges and is perfect for finishing bindings. Be sure to use matching thread and make stitching fairly tight for a beautiful finish!

ladder stitch tutorial

Turning projects are quick and easy, especially since you can skip the binding, and the opening can simply be whip stitched closed. However an awkward hand sewn stitch is hardly the final touch. If you’re gifting something handmade, you’ll want it to be as pretty as the pattern cover.

how to sew a ladder stitch

Use ladder stitching for any turned projects from fabric baskets and totes, to stuffed projects, mug rugs, or a pretty mat for the sewing table. It’s quick too! You can find a short tutorial from Easy Sewing For Beginners. The video below will show how easy it is to achieve!

Whip stitching is one of the easiest stitches, and if you choose to, you can create a pretty addition to your project. Ladder stitching is used to make hidden seams in between two fold edges of a flat edge. You can see the difference between a whip stitch and a ladder stitch, and how to do them at Sewing.Com

In this video from Online Fabric Store, you can learn how to ladder stitch in 2 minutes.



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