The Perfect Mug Rug For A Good Friend

Make A Mug Rug In Soft Pinks And Florals.

This pretty mug rug speaks of a special friendship. I can’t imagine a nicer gift to a girlfriend, fellow quilter or close family member. Soft pinks with a rose fussy cut for the center, most people love a flower as a gift. Personalize with their name beneath the rose for a special handmade gift.



Pretty in soft pinks, this mug rug uses the smallest bits of fabric. Small enough to complete in a few hours, and just right for a little creativity. Display on your table when someone drops in for a quick cup of tea.

Mug Rugs Pattern Book Love To Sew

Pretty in pink, however any fabric would look great. A quaint little quilt that’s quick to finish, an ideal project for trying out some new techniques.

Look through scraps to find that perfect rose or flower to go in the middle. Applique a tea cup, and quilt curly steam for extra charm. A lovely gift for your mom or grandma on Mothers day, personalized with a little embroidery.

Mug Rugs Christa Rolf personalized mug rug

The pattern for this mug rug is from Christa Rolf’s book, Mug Rugs Love To Sew. If you love making mug rugs, the book has 64 pages of designs, tips and ideas. Mug rugs are the perfect opportunity to try out some new techniques, quilting and applique, not to mention the lovely gifts they make.


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