Three Friendship Totes All You Need Is One Charm Pack

One Charm Pack And Three Friends A Fun Day of Sewing

One charm pack can bring three friends together. Make these gorgeous totes all from one charm pack. Keep one tote for yourself, and share the other two. Have a fun afternoon making the totes together! A super quick design using pre cuts.


A little extra fabric is needed per bag of 3/4 yard contrast fabric and 1/2 yard of quilt batting. There are 42 charm squares in a charm pack and each bag needs just twelve squares. Three bags will need thirty six squares.

charm pack friendship totes


Start by sewing six charms together in two rows of three. Sew a set of two. one for the front and one for the back. Then, for the bottom of the bag, cut a seven inch length of fabric, by the width of the charms. To make the bag a little bigger simply add more charms and adjust the size of the bottom fabric accordingly.

Once the charm squares are sewn together, they measure approximately fourteen inches in length. The fabric piece for the bottom of the bag should be cut the width of 14″ x 7″.


The pattern is available as a free download, and there’s a great video tutorial showing the exact pattern. A sewing group of 3 friends, one charm pack and a good video ends in three friendship totes!

Watch Jenny Doans video pattern tutorial which includes a lot of helpful tips.

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