Triangle Zipper Pouch Killer Technique

Make This Triangle Zipper Pouch – Great Gifts Too

My daughter is going to love this triangle zipper pouch. They’re so trendy. Make a couple of them to tuck away for last minute gifts. Add some candy, or cosmetic goodies. What about a quilty gift. Drop in some thread and a Sun Bonnet Sue applique! The list goes on…


triangle zipper pouch tutorial

For the fabric you’ll need 10″ x 10″ squares. The size comes in a pre-cut fabric. One square will give you one pouch, and the fabric will be the same inside and out. If you want a bit of contrast, use two squares of different fabric. Use a fusible fleece to give the bag body such as this fusible plus, as it is bulkier, giving nice support for the triangles. Being fusible on one side it will support the pouch beautifully. If you decide to use quilt batting, you will need to to quilt through the layers of the purse to secure the fabric and batting in order to prevent the batting from bunching inside the fabric.

Use a nylon zipper because they can easily be cut to size. Then sew some fabric ends for the zipper ends. 7 inch zipper lengths are used in this pattern tutorial. At the completion of the project the zipper will be 6 inches.

For the lining fabric, use a light weight fusible interfacing. It supports and helps the backing fabric to lay a bit nicer. This one here is great as it is a sheer, breathable inter facing.

Grab two 10 inch squares and cut them in half. Apply fusible fleece to the outer fabric and fusible interface to the lining. The fabric already feels so much better… easier to work with somehow. Then put in the zipper. It’s actually quite easy. Look out for the zipper tips in the tutorial.

Here’s the video.

Img:Youtube TheCraftyGemini

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