Perfect Twisted Log Cabin Block Without Paper Piecing

How To Make A Twisted Log Cabin Block With A Few Angles

Make this Twisted Log Cabin without paper peicing. It is a easy block to make, but it is time consuming! Hoever the angles and sizes have all been worked out. All that’s needed is to choose the fabric. The fabric can deliberate even more dimension if desired. The block itself has a lot of movement.

The turorial is shown using the cutest cat fabric. While the block is a little wonky, the amusing googley eyed cat really sets the tone.

The twisted log cabin block looks incredibly complicated. Although it was mentioned that this method would be time consuming, it does cut past the paper piecing. Sometimes it’s nice to just pick up fabric and rotary and go, go, go.

Have the steps laid out makes all the different. The most challenging past is figuring out how to get started with this block. Once that’s all worked out, it’s really easy from there. Imagine the twisted block for the center piece as a feature. Then build the quilt out from that. Plain blocks around the feature…

Here is an outline of where to start and some steps as an overview. Take a look at that center piece.

how to make a twisted log cabin block


Start something like this…

how to start a twisted log cabin block


Cutting angles…

cut the angle of a twisted log cabin block


The block begins to take shape.

twisted log cabin block cat fabric


The tutorial will show enough steps to complete the block. The twisted block is so versatile.

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