Vintage Caravan Sewing Machine Cover And Pin Cushion To Match

Cutee Vintage Caravan Sewing Machine Cover And Pin Cushion Towed Behind

This vintage caravan brings back warm memories and what better than to capture the memory and put it on your sewing machine. Protect your sewing machine and have a giggle making this vintage caravan sewing machine cover, adding some fun to your sewing room decor too. Use treasured fabric scraps as part of cherished memories. Even the wheels look real. To add why not make a caravan pin cushion to tow behind!


Personalize your caravan adding embellishments like these little buttons to hold the drapes. Add a handle. A clever idea here where a handle is simply buttoned on.


The pattern is easy to follow with a great tutorial. What fun! Rainbow Hare has now made the pattern is available for purchase.

There is also free tutorial to make the caravan cover. It’s surprisingly easy and fun too, especially choosing the fabric and deciding which drapes to put up! The finished size for the sewing machine cover is 20″ X 13″ X 9″. The tutorial has a guide to adjust the size if need be.

Add a little caravan pin cushion to tow behind. A perfect friendship! Even the wheels turn, made with an axle. Cute!


Templates are available with the free pin cushion pattern so it is super simple to make. All you need for the pin cushion project is a bit of fabric, polyester stuffing, some ric rac and by the looks of it, two spotty buttons!

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