Vintage Christmas Ornament To Add To Your Holiday Fare

Delightful Vintage Christmas Ornament A Lovely Keepsake

Christmas ornaments become a keepsake, and especially those handmade and given as a gift. This delightful vintage Christmas ornament will be taken out every years for many Christmas times to come. Give your holiday decor a heartfelt touch of homemade this year with this vintage ball. Sure to impress, while everyone would love a homemade ornament.

Hang these vintage ornaments on your tree, give them as gifts to friends and family. A gift that will be used every year.

You will need:

  • different cotton fabrics for the top
  • cotton fabric for the lining
  • Batting
  • filling
  • silk ribbon

The first circle cut is 5cm round. Make two halves of the ball following easy instructions.



Stitch two halves together


Leave about one inch institched. Stuff with filling, stitch closed and attach ribbon. Try adding small bells to the ribbon, or any embellishment, especially something personal that will add a special keepsake.



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