Vintage Patchwork Mini Quilts To Hang On Walls Or On Your Table

Miniature Farmers Wife Quilt Sampler Blocks from Every Last Scrap

Even the tiniest pieces can make a darling little quilt.  And, they’re perfect for hand quilting. Make quaint little quilts that measure roughly 6 to 8 inches square to hang on walls, or display on tables. They’re so much fun to put together!


Practice piecing making these sweet miniature quilt blocks. The small blocks are a little fiddly, but surprisingly quick to put together. I suppose that when the longest seam in a block is 2 inches, with a finished block size of 1.5 inches, it isn’t all that surprising it should go together quickly!

the farmers wife sampler quilt block miniature

famers wife sampler quilt block miniature

Every last scrap is put to beautiful use. Stitch little quilts to hang on walls, display on tables, or tuck into baskets and nestle on bookshelves. Four petite pincushions will add a warm, cozy feel to even the smallest of spaces. Perfect for gift giving too!

vintage quilt blocks pam buda

Create a dozen tiny treasures with 1 pack of 10″-square precut fabrics using Pam Buda’s designs. Make projects one at a time or cut fabrics for all 12 projects at once for oodles of sewing fun, handy cutting diagrams on a pullout sheet make it easy. Her swatch guide provides a simple way to organize and plan where to use each 10″ square.

Star mini quilt miniature quilt blocks

The designer Pam Buda, has a mission to never waste even the smallest pieces of fabric, and designed as many projects she could using 10 inch squares. The quaint quilts are no larger than 15″ square, with some much smaller, the perfect size for displaying on a shelf, on a small stand or spilling out of a basket!

miniature quilt blocks flying geese

In her book Vintage Patchwork, you’ll find 12 projects with miniature quilt blocks, as well as a cutting Key and tips to sort and label squares

If you would like to try out some sweet miniatures of sampler blocks taken from the book The Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt, Hope from HopeTn, has single page patterns showing you how to make a 1.5 inch finished block, and a mini quilt with each. The patterns are free, or you can make a payment if you like.

The ‘Famers Wife Sampler Quilt’ Book contains 111 six-inch quilt blocks, with assembly diagrams for piecing the blocks and template cutting directions.


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